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Sinead McNally is a songwriter, pianist, singer and music teacher. She is the founder of a very exciting new Christmas music and education brand called #nckids and most recently she has become the voice and writer of the company song for Irish transport and tours company ''

Sinead has written and released her own music for a number of years with many successes that include a performance at the London 2012 Olympics, national radio and TV appearances and songs such as 'Dance With Me' becoming a popular choice at weddings! She describes herself as a songwriter first, saying that she wrote her first song at 11 without any help or guidance on how to do it. In between writing music for other people, gigging and teaching music, she is working on new material to release her second EP in 2016 to follow her debut EP 10,000, which was released in 2012. Sinead's blog #sRated follows her life as a full time songwriter and musician, as she says "doing it her way, the #sRated way!"

To contact Sinead about any of the services she provides from songwriting to performing at events, please email with your enquiry. Listen, purchase or stream Sinead's music by clicking on the links on this page. You can also follow Sinead on social media and keep up to date with day to day events on her #sRated blog.